Chose between Basic or Intermediate, each lecture is designed to fit within an hour or so making them perfect for society meetings and seminars. Most presentations involve a PowerPoint slide show and all classes come with a detailed syllabus.

Basic Presentations:

Family History Basics – What I need to know to get started on my Family History.

DNA Basics for the Family Historian

Getting started with Roots Magic

I have Ancestry, now what?

Ancestry DNA basics

Newspaper Research – Hot off the Press

Remote Research – I Live here and they Lived there

FamilySearch – Using FamilySearch in effective targeted research

Computer Skills for folks who did not grow up with a “Smart” phone

Intermediate Presentations:

Ancestor Centric Research – Beyond the Basics

Staying Focused – Developing an Effective Research Strategy

This is becoming more than a hobby – Where do I go from here?

Life on the other side of 1870 – African American Research

Going Paperless – Taking your Genealogy to the Digital Level

Citing Research – Do I really need too?

Digital Organization in everyday life.